News N. 18/143   19/04/2019

« Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School », Sendivakkam High School, Tamil Nadu

Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School, Sendivakkam - Tamil Nadu

Cuomo Foundation’s second educational compound in Tamil Nadu, India, the RC Higher Secondary School, Sendivakkam, was built in 2005. This high school has now been named "Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School », in memory of the Founder of our philanthropic organisation, according to the will of whom the school was built in Sendivakkam at a time when this rural area had serious shortcomings in terms of education. The official acknowledgement was issued on April 12, 2019 by Chennai’s Tamil Nadu School Director Procedures.

Comprising of all the necessities required for a demanding and quality education, the school has a capacity of 750 students. Alongside its large classrooms, it boasts a library, computer facilities as well as laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics. Teaching is delivered both in Tamil and English, depending on the subjects.

Respectively in 2008 and 2015, new annexes were built next to the central block with new classrooms and assembly areas.

The attribution of the name 'Alfredo Cuomo Higher Secondary School', initiated by the Diocese of Chennai, is a vibrant tribute to the actions launched by Alfredo and Maria Elena Cuomo in Tamil Nadu since 1999, first as personal initiatives and, from 2001 on, through their Foundation.

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