News N. 34/123   17/11/2017

"Brave & Bold"

What happens when those who have a lot, help those who have little? When enabling education creates opportunities? When a child’s destiny can be changed? When women are given the tools to succeed? When the disadvantaged become empowered? When actions taken can help the futures of our children and our planet?

BRAVE & BOLD is a new documentary short film commissioned by the Cuomo Foundation to explore the impact of its work in India. The film focusses on the story of 4 Indian women and how Elena Cuomo’s ambitious beliefs in their potential changed their lives.

Directed by the award winning female Indian filmmaker Sruti Harihara Subramanian and shot in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, this is a film of hope and celebration and how education is the key to a better future...

Brave & Bold (2017) running time 13 mins is now available to view on line.

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