News N. 0/116   21/11/2017

No Finish Line's Prince's Cup goes to the Cuomo Foundation

Dr. Fausto Parigi, Cuomo Foundation Team member since 2016, won the "8 Day Race » of this year’s No Finish Line. After his 2016 triumph where he won the "24 Hours Race", Fausto Parigi, a native of San Remi (Italy), won the 8-day marathon with flying colours. In the process, he comfortably beat the Italian record for an 8-day road race, one that remained unbeaten for 7 years.

The performance of the anaesthesiologist of the San Remo Hospital, with a tally of 1,025.875 km, takes him to a highly sought-after club—that of runners who have reached the 1,000 km mark in 8 days. He is only the 5th athlete to have accomplished the feast in NFL’s 18 years of history.

Ms. Sonia Lutterotti, Fausto Parigi's team-mate of the "8-day race", was placed second among female runners. The Cuomo Foundation Team, with its 71 volunteers and an aggregate of 8889.03 km, was ranked 8th this year—its best ranking to date.

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