News N. 14/138   04/03/2019

The 7th Cuomo Foundation School Complex in India (Tamil Nadu)

The 7th Cuomo Foundation school complex in India, Amala Annai Higher School of Mambakkam (Tamil Nadu) opened its doors on February 28th. With a capacity of 800 students and built in a rural area with very limited infrastructures and facilities, the school with modern equipment is also distinguished for its architecture following strict ecological practices.

523 students between the ages of 11 and 15 years are the happy occupants of this brand new school. With 21 classrooms built around two atriums, scientific and computer laboratories, several gathering spaces, sports facilities and services, the school is a model institution poised to inspire many others. Offering a radically different and resolutely green architecture that young students are cordially invited to appropriate, the school aims to inspire them with eco-citizen values, while raising awareness of tomorrow’s challenges.

The opening of the new venues coincides with 20 years of Foundation activities in India which started in 1999 through a decisive meeting with the Catholic Church of Kovalam (South India). Since then, the religious body has remained a privileged partner through which the Foundation has been able to support several generations. The young women of this region who have been able to take advantage of these actions to take their destiny into their own hands are undoubtedly the first beneficiaries.

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