News N. 38/120   26/09/2017

Working session with partners from Thuyloi University - Hanoi

Professor Nguyen Mai Dang and Mr Tran Anh Duong with Mrs Ruth Gomez and Mr Francisco A. Diaz Lison

On September 25, 2017, the Cuomo Foundation hosted a working session in Monaco with Professor Nguyen Mai Dang (Thuyloi University of Hanoi) and Mr. Tran Anh Duong, a Vietnamese researcher based in Munich, Germany.

During the meeting, Professor Dang, Director of the School of International Education of the Hanoi University, presented the results of the first year’s activity of the Teaching Center. The facility, supported by the Foundation helps both students and teachers acquire and disseminate knowledge. Further advancement of this partnership will include the creation of a regional scholarship programme to assist researchers focusing on climate change.

Environmental issues were at the heart of Mr. Duong’s presentation too. Benefiting since 2013 from the IPPC Scholarship Programme, this young scholar who is finalising his thesis, came to Monaco with a handful of proposals of his own. In order to study the coastal erosion of the Mekong Delta and its impact on local populations, Mr. Duong plans to establish an international cooperation bringing together the Cuomo Foundation, the Technical University of Munich, Germany and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). The Ca Mau Province Committee whose populations are at the forefront of this climate disruption will also be part of this ambitious venture that the Foundation is examining closely.

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