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"Roma" International Piano Competition

The Cuomo Foundation is the main sponsor of the "Associazione Culturale Fryderyk Chopin" of Rome

The Associazione Culturale Fryderyk Chopin (AFC), a non-profit organisation, was founded in Rome in 1987 by Marcella Crudeli, the internationally reknowned  concert pianist and acclaimed professor of music. The AFC organises concerts, international courses of advance music studies and the prestigious piano competition "Rome" held annualy since 1990. The aims of the association, in the words of Marcella Crudeli are: "To pay attention to the cultural and professional interest of young musicians in order to put them in the best position to face, with a more refined cultural deepening and a better experience, the difficult preparation of their job".

Since 2004, the Cuomo Foundation has been the main sponsor for this annual event. Since its early beginning, the competition has grown in stature. Both the Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l'UNESCO and the International Federation of Chopin Societies has officially recognised the value of this competition. It is also a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.

The international piano competition "Roma" is held at the Cloister of the Confraternita di San Giovanni Battista de Genovesi. The prize winners concert is held at Auditorium della Conciliazione and recorded and broadcast worldwide.

The competition is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the City of Rome since 2008.

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