News N. 0/129   08/06/2018

International Environment Day Celebrations at Mambakkam

Celebrations around the approaching new school year of Mambakkam’s brand new Amala Annai High School (South India), were held on 4-5 June 2018. These events were marked by the International Environment Day, held on June 5—a global event hosted this year by India.

The two days dedicated to the celebrations were placed under the themes of sustainable architecture and eco-citizenship. The program was held in the presence of some 550 students and their teachers, the proud occupants of the groundbreaking green-build.

In addition to being the first school in the state of Tamil Nadu to obtain the "Platinum" certification from the Indian Green Building Council, Amala Annai High School also features among the 10 schools across the whole of India to be awarded the “Platinum” label. Furthermore, it is the first green school to be established in a rural area for students coming from modest backgrounds, where as all the previous schools were renowned private institutions designed for students from wealthy and urban milieu.

A special guided tour was organised on June 4, one that unveiled the building and the compound to its future students. Led by the project architect, Priya Lourduraj, the guided visit was a fabulous occasion for the young pupils to discover various ecological components of the project. The tour was preceded by an introductory speech given by Santosh Kumar, regional representative of the IGBC.

The following day's activities began with the planting of 16 trees within the school compound. A new outreach program was held for the occasion with the participation of the personnel from "Green Evolution", an IGBC-accredited green building consulting firm based in Chennai. Karthik Ananth, CEO of Green Evolution, Akshitha Kareti, architect and Srinidhi Bharadwaj, Sustainability Associate made a  joint keynote presentation in front of the pupils to mark the International Environment Day.

The "Cuomo Green Team” was founded on the same day. Driven by the motto “Green is a journey, not a destination”, the CGT is a student task force, responsible for maintaining and overseeing the green aspects of the campus.

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