Project N. 6/49   India, 2015

Innovative School Projects for Mambakkam

Latest educational project launched in Mambakkam, Tamil Nadu

This new education project will see an innovative secondary school built in the rural area of Mambakkam. Due for completion in 2017 it will replace the existing Amala Annai High School. The existing school has struggled to maintain its decrepit buildings and to provide an adequate education for children from the local villages and hamlets. The new higher secondary school will provide education in first class facilities and surroundings. It will provide opportunities and access to 800 children aged between 11-18yrs.

In addition, a new infant and junior school has been built; St. Mary’s Primary School opened in February 2016. The original dilapidated and distressed school has been demolished. It provides schooling in an improved and appropriate environment for nearly 450 children aged between 3-10yrs.

Construction and redevelopment work commenced in 2015 on both projects and has contracted the local workforce providing much-needed employment; many of the workers are parents of children already in attendance at both schools. Local materials have also been used in the bricklaying and building works.



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